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Proverbs on Parenting

Lesson series ▪ 1999/2002?
Tags: Parenting; Moral education; Children; Fathers; Mothers; Proverbs
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Given that we agree on the desire to raise our children in certain God-honoring ways, it is fitting that we examine the book of Proverbs--a treasure trove of ancient wisdom--to discover biblical principles for parenting. If children reflect our influence much as arrows reveal the skill of the archer (Ps 127:4-5), we should be very interested in learning how to make a godly impact.

The book of Proverbs outlines three major areas of parental responsibility.

  1. Material Provision
  2. Moral & Spiritual Instruction
  3. Moral Correction

It is significant to note that the six major topics of parental instruction found in Proverbs are remarkably up-to-date. They are positive spiritual influences (e.g., 1:10, 15); the knowledge of God (e.g., 2:1-5); sexual purity (e.g., 7:24-25); financial integrity (e.g., 6:1-3); abstinence from alcohol (e.g., 23:19-21); and respect for authority (e.g., 24:21).

The impact of parents on their children--for better or for worse--is astounding. Obviously, the quality of parents' interaction with their children will play a large part in determining what kinds of people they become. It seems somewhat less obvious that the outcome of our parenting will have an enduring effect on us--for better or for worse. If our children choose wisdom our joy will know few limits. However, if they choose foolish ways we will experience great grief.

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