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Defending Heaven’s Values in a Fallen World

Sermon ▪ 1995
Tags: Matthew 5:21-48; Values; Christian ethics; Law and gospel
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Excerpts from This Resource

Did you know that in one single conversation, Jesus addressed six of the greatest problems in modern-day society? But he was no political activist. He proposed no social theories. Instead, he offered spiritual solutions to society’s problems. He taught that society can make substantial improvement only when heaven’s values are defended. Matthew 5.21-48 (a portion of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount) discusses six of heaven’s values. These values are the subject of this sermon.


Old Testament Stipulation

New Testament Expansion

Value at Stake

vv 21-26

Murder prohibited (Ex 20.13; Deut 5.17)

Abuse prohibited

Human life

vv 27-30

Adultery prohibited (Ex 20.14; Deut 5.18)

Lust prohibited

Sexual intimacy

vv 31-32

Divorce permitted (Deut 24.1-2)

Divorce conditioned

Family unity

vv 33-37

Perjury prohibited (Lev 19.12; Num 30.2; Deut 23.23)

Swearing prohibited

Trustworthy speech

vv 38-42

Retaliation permitted (Ex 21.24-25; Lev 24.20; Deut 19.21)

Retaliation prohibited

Unselfish society

vv 43-48

Hatred conditioned (Lev 19.18; Deut 23.6)

Hatred prohibited

Loving society

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