The New Testament Concept of Doctrine

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The following is a summation of New Testament teaching concerning didaskalia, i.e., doctrine or teaching.

  1. Sound doctrine is contrary to licentious living (1 Tim 1.10).
  2. Doctrine is to be emphasized in the church (1 Tim 4.13).
  3. Doctrine is to be cared for (1 Tim 4.16; Tit 2.7).
  4. Doctrine is associated with the words of Christ (1 Tim 6.3).
  5. Doctrine is associated with godliness (1 Tim 6.3).
  6. Doctrine is one of four uses of Scripture (2 Tim 3.16).
  7. Doctrine is essential to effective exhortation (2 Tim 4.2).
  8. Doctrine enables the pastor to convince his opponents of truth (Tit 1.9).
  9. Doctrine is associated with proper church function (Tit 2.1ff).
  10. Doctrine is adorned by believers’ faithful living (Tit 2.10).

To the average Christian, the mention of the word doctrine produces feelings of fear, confusion, and boredom. Doctrine is looked upon as a subject for theologians; it is regarded as dull and lacking in practicality. Small wonder, then, that the Barna Research Group concluded in 1990 that “America is a Biblically illiterate nation” (The Church Today, p. 29). However, this common conception of doctrine could not be further from reality.

The Biblical usage of doctrine denotes teaching. Not only is sound doctrine given a place of high priority in the operation of the local church (1 Tim 4.13), it is also indispensable to proper church function (Tit 2.1ff). In addition, doctrine is presented as the first of four major uses of Scripture (2 Tim 3.16). Furthermore, Bible doctrine does not lack in practicality, but is associated with godly living (1 Tim 6.3), and is presented in contraposition to immoral lifestyles (1 Tim 1.9-10). Finally, the Christian is commanded to embellish sound doctrine with the personal practice of righteousness (Tit 2.10).

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