Lesson 1998
Tags: Ministry; Church; Christian service
Excerpted from Serving God: A Plan for Success
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Christian service is not an end in itself; rather, as stated before, it is the product of proper spiritual conditions. During this lesson series we have surveyed eight conditions that are conducive to serving God. It is my conviction that if all eight are in place in a person’s life, he or she will be actively serving God. Perhaps, then, we should focus not on trying to serve God but on creating the conditions that will make service grow naturally.

The following words from the song “I Am the Vine” sum up the central theme of this series:

I am the vine
You are the branches
And if you remain in Me
Fruit will abound
Abundant in measure
Come, children, taste and see!

Service is never the root of devotion.
It must grow as the fruit
Of a life that remains in the vine
Come drink your fill of new wine
Come drink your fill of new wine (Green)