The Discipline of Christian Fellowship

Lesson 1998
Tags: Fellowship
Excerpted from “Just a Closer Walk with Thee”: Spiritual Disciplines for Devotional Vitality

“Wherefore comfort yourselves together, and edify one another, even as also ye do” (1 Thess 5.11).


  • One form of Christian fellowship that can profit your spiritual life is a mentoring relationship. A mentoring relationship is established when a relatively experienced Christian assumes the responsibility of guiding and encouraging a less mature believer. This relationship often benefits the mentor as much as the protégé. The sincerity and enthusiasm of young believers can energize and challenge the spiritual life of experienced Christians.
  • Sometimes Christians of similar spiritual maturity may develop a relationship of mutual accountability of encouragement in which neither party has a definite guiding role. Spiritual friendship should include discussion of difficulties and successes as well as sharing of prayer, praise, and encouragement.
  • One of the most basic forms of Christian fellowship, church attendance, obviously promotes spiritual growth.


Challenge the participants to seek out a fellow Christian with whom to share the progress of their devotional life over the course of a month.


Spiritual Disciplines Are for Every Christian

“We must not be led to believe that the Disciplines are only for spiritual giants and hence beyond our reach, or only for contemplatives who devote all their time to prayer and meditation. Far from it. God intends the Disciplines of the spiritual life to be for ordinary human beings: people who have jobs, who care for children, who wash dishes and mow lawns. In fact, the Disciplines are best exercised in the midst of our relationships with our husband or wife, our brothers and sisters, our friends and neighbors” (Foster 1).

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