Shamgar (3:31)

Study notes  2019
Tags: Shamgar; Judges 3:31; Israel; Spiritual life
Excerpted from Profiles of the Judges

Description of Spiritual Failure
Not recorded
Nation(s) Oppressing Israel Philistia (3:31)
Nature of Foreign Oppression Not recorded
Length of Foreign Oppression Not recorded
Cry for Deliverance Not recorded
Provenance of Judge Not stated; Shamgar’s name and title have led to speculation that he was of foreign derivation, or at the least that non-Israelite influence prevailed in his naming (Lindsey 387; Bowling 162; Huddlestun 448-49)
Special Notes Only two verses mention Shamgar, providing scant information about him (3:31; 5:6). Two facts seem to suggest that he served concurrently with Ehud or, perhaps more likely, during the 80 years of relative peace that followed Ehud’s service. First, Deborah is said to have arisen after Ehud’s death (4:1ff.), with no reference to Shamgar. Second, the song of Deborah and Barak acknowledges Shamgar along with Jael, who was contemporaneous with Deborah (5:6).
Length of Judge’s Service Not recorded
Duration of Peace Not recorded